Dragon's Milks – Here Be Dragons

Dragon's Milk is a medieval-themed, bourbon-barrel aged stout that's well-loved among the beer and fantasy nerds. So niche. So fun.


Inspired by “Here be dragons”, an ancient phrase to denote uncharted territories on maps, we created an actual fantasy world, The Land of Dragon's Milk. The world is full of theme-appropriate details from a deserted castle to a mysterious forrest to a cursed sea. 


With these details figured out, we created :15 videos in the paper cut light box style to feature challenging environments adventurers must face in the Land of Dragon's Milk. It's truly a nerdy campaign created by nerds.

Client: New Holland Brewing

Year: 2021

Role: Concepting, art direction, design

Here Be Dragons – Dragonwood Forest 

Here Be Dragons – Castle of Olde Holland

Here Be Dragons – Sea of Bourbonia