Ziply Fiber – Internet for People

Ziply Fiber is a gigabit speed Internet service provider in the Pacific Northwest. And while other large Internet companies tout the vastness of their network, or focus on the technology, Ziply wanted to take a more human approach. So we crafted a campaign focused on the people who would use Ziply's Internet.


The final result was a very human, fun, enjoyable, and approachable campaign that both broke category conventions and resonated with our audience. This was my first, pure art direction project in a long time, and I had a wonderful time helping to evolve the look & feel of the brand from the previous year.

Client: Ziply Fiber

Project: Integrated campaign (TV, Social, OOH)

Role: Concepting, art direction

Design & Animation: Hornet + Moth

Internet Anthem :30

Internet for People :30

Key Art

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