TacoTime NW – Wild Coconut Shrimp

When we got briefed on a product called “wild caught coconut shrimp soft taco” in the middle of soggy winter (with early spring deadline), my brain started to spin fast immediately. 


TacoTime NW is a cult favorite QSR in the Pacific Northwest, and they are not afraid to be different. So we came up with an idea that this soft taco is the definition of wild. Except, it's the PNW version of “wild”.


The production took place at the height of the pandemic, and all the coordination needed to make this happen was pretty intense. At the end, we produced a fun and quirky campaign set in a cozy cabin in the woods, and I hope that offered a bit of escapism when we all needed one.

Client: TacoTime NW

Year: 2021

Role: Concepting, art direction, design

Production: Electric Sheep

TV Spot :30

TV Spot :15

For the launch day, we also created a series of social content where a wild coconut shrimp soft taco is actually …going wild. Because why not?

Social Takeover Compilation

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