414 Dispatch

A weekly email newsletter for curious minds

I’ve been always known as a bit of a nerd. Shortly after starting at POSSIBLE, I decided to send out random links I found intriguing, thinking that there has to be someone who’d like it.

Who knew that’d eventually turn into an e-newsletter all the POSSIBLE Seattle employees receive every week.

On Wednesdays, I compiled a small selection of websites/articles/videos that I totally nerd out. Topics include art, science, culture, design, technology, music, and everything in between, all relentlessly filtered through my point of view. The number 414 in the title comes from where our office is located, 414 Olive Way.

The response has been phenomenal with whopping 40%+ open rate and 7%+ click rate. I think those numbers mean some good things. I also love the fact that this email newsletter has helped lift the creative culture at POSSIBLE.

You can check out the back numbers here.

Client: POSSIBLE (Internal)
Date: 2018
Services: Writing, Research