Owen in Action

My first attempt at DIY stop-motion animation

6 months or so after the Content Studio was launched at POSSIBLE Seattle, myAT&T team brought us probably the most challenging assignment of all time, a stop-motion piece. We knew nothing about it, but that probably helped because we wouldn’t have done it if we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

We built the dioramas, myAT&T’s mascot/spokesperson Owen with an articulated action figure (Owen himself is very thing, but the figure made him looked like a bodybuilder), and many little props. And with a help of a local stop-motion animator, we shot 4 different scenarios in less than a week. On top of that, we also shot the “live-action” part with real Owen in our studio as well.

The result is a series of quirky, pretty funny videos that I’m genuinely proud of.

Client: AT&T
Date: 2016
Services: Art Direction, Content Production


Scuba Selfie

Tia Rex