Skype Social

This is how it all started. In late-2014, I was assigned to POSSIBLE Seattle’s first social media project as a photographer/videographer/editor/designer hybrid. For the next 10 months, the small creative team of 6 pumped out staggering 20-25 unique posts a month for Skype’s Facebook, Twitter and Vine (RIP) account.

The ever so fast-paced project was also a ton of fun, thanks to the team and the client who bought into our concepts, often with quirky humor. To this date, we still talk about how much we miss this team. Below is just a taste of what we’ve created.

Client: Skype
Date: 2015
Services: Design, Photography, Videography

Personality Portrait Series

Who uses Skype, really? With this series, we inserted Skype into everyday people’s lives.

College Survival Guide

It’s tough being a freshman, but don’t fret. Skype is here to help you, more or less. I love how we landed the idea to do these illustrations à la airline safety manual.

Terrifying Tales

We all have a favorite horror film perfect for Halloween. But what if Skype was a part of it? We recreated iconic scenes with sock puppets (because why not) with a bit of plot twist in each.


March Mascots

We created an experience that capitalized on the social moment of March Madness, drove people out of social channels and directly into the Skype product. In this social activation campaign, we ask people to log on to Skype and talk to the Match Mascot account to create a unique mascot just for them.

All the mascots we created over a day is archived here:

Case Study Video