My name is Sho Ito, and I’m the most prominent no-name Japanese Art Director in America.

In 2005, fresh out of high school, I decided on a whim that my best interest would be to move away from Japan and go to college in America. I massively regretted it when I found out I was too scared to even order a sandwich at Subway.

Many ESL classes (+ even more challenging journalism classes) later, I somehow convinced myself that I should try my luck in the creative industry.

Since then, as a Journalism student turned UI/UX Designer turned all-purpose Designer turned Photographer/Videographer/Editor turned Art Director, I’ve worked on every kind of projects imaginable, including integrated campaigns, websites/microsites, apps, emails, you name it.

Starting mid-2015, my focus has shifted to content creation/production. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons being one of the first staffers to be a part of the POSSIBLE Seattle’s content studio. Agile and scrappy, the studio team taught me what a great content is, and how to produce it (cheap and fast, if neccessary).

In early 2018, I made a transition from the content-centric art direction role to a more all-round role with a focus on emerging technology.

Photo Credit: Talia Green